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WFDSA Strengthening Measures During these Challenging Times (Covid-19)

The World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) Strengthening Measures to Ensure Accurate Product Claims During these Challenging Times

Global Direct Selling Industry Leadership Issues Guidance to Strengthen Standards to Ensure Consumers are Protected During the Covid-19 Crisis.

The World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) reiterates its commitment to protect consumers and hereby issues additional guidance to strengthen measures to ensure accurate and fully transparent product information and claims made by direct selling companies and their independent sales forces during this Covid-19 pandemic.  Because direct sellers market products through personal explanation and demonstration throughout the world, they are subject to a higher standard of ethical business conduct as compared to other business channels.

While WFDSA and its 62 member national level direct selling associations  have made many strides in self-regulation through the mandatory implementation of the high ethical standards of the WFDSA World Code of Conduct by each local DSA member of WFDSA, during this unprecedented crisis, WFDSA is hereby instructing each local DSA to strengthen and closely  monitor any health claims related to Covid-19 treatments, cures or wellness and apply a zero tolerance approach to any such infraction of unsubstantiated Covid19 product and health claims and thereby ensure strict adherence to high ethical standards on product claims.  The WFDSA Code of conduct unambiguously proscribes false or misleading product claims by DSA member companies and their sales forces. This additional WFDSA guidance to local DSAs and their Code of Ethics Administrators and compliance officers is to apply heightened scrutiny during this pandemic regarding any statements or representations that could be construed as prohibited, including any harmful or unsubstantiated claims related to the treatment of Covid-19 or the efficacy of products against ancillary illnesses related to the pandemic.